Employment is a critical component of a man’s reintegration back into the community. Men of Valor has been blessed to establish some incredible employment partnerships in the Nashville area. One of our partners has agreed to hire the men who are involved in our discipleship academy and allow them to only work two full days a week during their first six months out of prison. This provides some immediate income, as well as an opportunity to learn and implement job readiness skills in order to develop a solid work ethic. It also allows them to participate in much needed re-entry programming the rest of the week. After each man completes his first six months in the discipleship academy and proves himself in his part-time employment, Men of Valor assists him in transitioning to full-time employment. Our goal is to help our men not just find a job, but also establish a career path.

If you are an employer in the Nashville area who has a need to employ a hardworking individual who is willing to prove himself on the job, we would love to partner with you. When you hire a man recommended by Men of Valor, you are hiring a man with an accountability network behind him.

We see this job placement opportunity as a win-win. The employer is doing more than just hiring an employee; he is giving hope and investing in a life. The man is given a new start, self worth, and an opportunity to prove himself by moving toward independent living and becoming a contributing member of society. Companies must have solid, hardworking employees to succeed in business. Men of Valor program graduates are a blessing to the companies that employ them, and these men provide great benefits, including:

  • Built-in accountability structure
  • Follow-up services as needed
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Federal tax credits and bonding

Take a look at these Testimonials to read brief remarks from the various employers and companies who have hired our men.

For more information regarding the federal bonding and tax credit programs or to schedule an appointment to learn about partnering with us, please contact our Men’s Ministry Director.